Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Basement

In this fire damage, these damages occurred in a basement. The result was from an electrical outlet malfunction. The extent of the damage resulted in several st... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Commercial Facility

In this commercial building, a fire began in a main floor room. The fire broke out in the early morning, when an employee discovered it. The before photo is whe... READ MORE

Commercial Flood and Storm Damage

This commercial building in Henderson, KY was the result of major floods and storms in the area. The extent of the property flooded with category 3 water and cr... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding

This flooded commercial building was the result of a lot of storm damage. Not only did the flood waters bring in several inches of water, but it also brought in... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Damage Part 2

This is another set from the flooded commercial building with additional water damages photos. This water damage was again the result of flood waters. The build... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Damage

This water damage was the result of flooding in this town. The extent of the damage was the entire building and another building belonging to the facility besid... READ MORE

Water Damage Ceiling in Henderson

This home suffered water damage on the basement floor because of flood damage. The water damage came through the top and caused bubbling and water stains. The t... READ MORE

Sink causes Water Damage

Below these cabinets a water damage was lurking. The faulty hose on the dishwasher caused the leak in this home and created a mess. The homeowner did not know t... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Property

In this flooded commercial property in Morganfield, the business had flooding after the winter weather in February. The burst pipe caused flooding in their ceil... READ MORE

Flooded Home in Henderson

This flooded home came as the result of a recent flooding event that let many homes under water. The home had category three water damage so the carpet on top o... READ MORE