Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Water Damage Ceiling in Henderson

This home suffered water damage on the basement floor because of flood damage. The water damage came through the top and caused bubbling and water stains. The t... READ MORE

Sink causes Water Damage

Below these cabinets a water damage was lurking. The faulty hose on the dishwasher caused the leak in this home and created a mess. The homeowner did not know t... READ MORE

Flooring Continued

These are more photos of our reconstruction manager laying down flooring in a new office space for our customers. These old were really unflattering for the spa... READ MORE

Reconstruction- New Floor

In this photo, you can see our reconstruction manager laying down flooring in a new building. The old flooring before had to be ripped up so that it could be up... READ MORE

Reconstruction for a Kitchen

This home was the original water damage that had a leak in the kitchen. The leak was from a dishwasher that had an error in it. The error caused water damage to... READ MORE


This home had a bad water damage in the kitchen. It fled over into the dining room and caused even more damage. The home had so much water that it had to have d... READ MORE