Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Basement

In this fire damage, these damages occurred in a basement. The result was from an electrical outlet malfunction. The extent of the damage resulted in several st... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Commercial Facility

In this commercial building, a fire began in a main floor room. The fire broke out in the early morning, when an employee discovered it. The before photo is whe... READ MORE

Reconstruction After a Fire Damage

In this kitchen, the previous before and after showcased what can happen to a structure after a fire damage has occurred in that facility. When a fire damage oc... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Commercial Business

In these photos, the fire damage showcases before and after photos. The first photo shows what happens when there is enough damage that the structure and conten... READ MORE

Fire Damage Reconstruction

In this photo, you can see that there are marks from painter's tape. In fire damages, we hope to restore whatever we can especially with contents or structure. ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Property

When this home left a pan on the stove it created smoke and soot damage throughout their home. The walls clearly have black marks on them that shows the presenc... READ MORE