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ceiling with mold

Mold Damage after a Storm

Storms can cause damages in a variety of ways. One of those ways is untreated homes and businesses water damages. These untreated water damages cause mold growth. The mold growth can appear anywhere where the walls were wet and you may not have known it. 


Storm Water Damage in Basement

This home suffered water damage in their basement after storm flooding occurred a few weeks ago. The wall had to have a cut because the storm water was a category 3, so the water is not safe to only dry out. This keeps the walls safe and the water damage from contaminating the home.

soot covered walls

Fire Damage in Basement

This photo is the same fire damage from the Ice Blasting. These photos are before we ice blasted the soot from the walls. We used the technique to take the smoke and soot off the structure of this basement.


Ice Blasting Part Two

Here is another photo from the ice blasting. Our technician has been trained on this technique and has worked with us for over twelve years. Trust us to take care of your fire damages.

guy in white tyvek

Ice Blasting

In this photo, one of our hero technicians is Ice Blasting a customer's home that had severe fire damage. Why SERVPRO? Because we work every day to bring new techniques and products to help clean up your water, fire, and mold damages.

inside the walls

Water Damage- Two stories of commercial water damage

This was the aftermath of a busted pipe in an upstairs ceiling of a commercial property. The water damage reached through walls and ceilings creating several rooms and floors impacted and needing equipment for drying. Some areas needed tear out of the drywall and flooring.

Water damaged ceiling

Water Damage

This photo illustrates when a water damage begins in a top floor and goes down to the next floor. The water damage began in a pipe above an apartment room. The water drifted through ceilings and floors and impacted two floors worth of damage.

fire damaged kitchen

Fire Damage in Kitchen Home of Henderson

This was a photo of a fire damaged home. In this fire damage, the fire began in the kitchen. Smoke and soot spread throughout the home. We had our technicians, reconstruction technicians, and our managers on seen to help these customers.


Fire Damaged Ceiling

In this home, a fire damage created enough damage that parts of the ceiling had to be rebuilt. In the photo, you can see it was the aftermath of a severe fire. The smoke and soot damage carried throughout the entirety of the home.

kitchen fire damage

Kitchen Fire

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Henderson, KY. This home had thick layers of smoke and soot damage. The home had to have areas utilize our reconstruction division, so that they could be rebuilt. 

fire damage contents

Fire Damage in Residential Home

In this photo, the fire damage contents are a result of a kitchen fire. The fire created smoke and soot damage throughout this home. When a fire damage occurs in a home with a significant amount of contents. We also have to remove the contents and the customers do an inventory of what they want restored.

soot and smoke on contents

Commercial Fire Damage continued

In was the aftermath of a commercial fire damage. When we arrived, the entire drop ceiling throughout the commercial facility had smoke and soot damage. We created a matterport of this property so the facility could see the full extent of the soot damage.


Commercial Fire Damage

In most fire damages, the ceiling is not the main focal point. In this commercial fire damage the ceiling is the main area impacted. The way these drop ceilings were built, the fire went through the ceiling into the entire part of this commercial facility creating smoke damage. This building needed restoration in several thousand square feet.

wood floor

Water Damaged Wood Floor

This water damage was the same home from the other two water damaged floor photos. This home had a hallway and a bathroom impacted by a storm that had water leak through a roof. The floor needed to be ripped up and we had to set equipment for several days to effectively dry this home.

equipment in hallway

Storm Damage in Hallway

In this photo, the bathroom had leaky roof and caused water damage in the bathroom and hallway beside the bathroom. We had to remove the flooring and set equipment to dry it properly.

equipment in a bathroom

Storm Roof Damage

In this bathroom, a storm caused a hole in the roof over this bathroom to cause water damage for this customer. They knew to call us because they had a previous water damage in this bathroom when a tub overflowed. 

smoke on the walls

Fire Damage in Residential Home

In his photo, the wall is clearly covered in smoke damage. This home has a small fire from a candle staying lit overnight. The living room had the worst damage with smoke and soot covering the walls. This was halfway through the cleaning process to show that the top half is more full of damages.

technician in tyvek cleaning

Fire Damage Ice Blasting

In this home, a fire started in the basement. The wood beams, stone fireplace, and walls were completely covered smoke and soot. The entire basement had to be cleaned, carpet removed, and the stone on the fireplace and wood on the beams had to be cleaned.

water damage equipment

Water Damage Equipment

After a storm left this home flooded, our team set equipment to dry this home. Even minor flooding will require carpet to be taken up, and equipment to be set to dry a home.

kitchen cabinet smoke damage

Smoke Damage in Kitchen

This kitchen had major smoke damage. Even on white paint, smoke and soot damage, can be unseen until a professional swipes a sponge on it. After even a small fire, it is always best to get a professional to inspect for smoke and soot damage.

walls with soot

Fire Damages

This wall showcases how much a small kitchen fire can damage a home. The part that has been sponge wiped. The rest of the wall is full of soot and smoke damage. Our team was halfway through cleaning when they snapped this photo to demonstrate how much soot can impact walls in a home.

technician in tyvek cleaning

Specialized Cleaning Products

Our technicians are trained in cleaning for fire damage restoration. Our technicians are unloading products in this photo to help with deodorization and our issues that come along with fire damages. 

girl cleaning golf cart

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned: Summer Edition

This past summer was unprecedented in cleaning measures. We went to a variety of chamber events, masks up, and helped keep our community clean. We did free cleaning for community chamber events to help keep our surrounding areas clean from COVID-19.

a sign with Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned on it

Catch our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Signs

These signs demonstrate our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program. We have signs that show the community when something has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. Call us today for more information on how we can help you get your facility clean against the fight against COVID-19.

man cleaning golf cart

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned: with Marketing Team

Here is another photo of our team helping the community. We did free cleanings of the golf carts before chamber events this summer. We had our team making sure these carts were ready for golfers.

woman cleaning a golf cart

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

This summer our team took to the golf course to help with summer chamber events. Our marketing representative and marketing manager helped clean golf carts for team members, with certified and specialized SERVPRO products. 

technician in tyvek cleaning

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

This is during a Certified SERVPRO Clean in a commercial restaurant.  They needed cleaning services so that they could re-open for the public. Our team of trained technicians wore full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to clean the facility.

technician in tyvek cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning

In this photo, our technician is doing the wipe-down method of the Certified SERVPRO Clean process. Our CSC program fits for commercial businesses and helping keep their customers and employees safe.

technician in tyvek cleaning

Commercial Business Cleaning for COVID-19.

In this photo, our trained technician is using an electrostatic sprayer. The electrostatic sprayer is one of the only cleaning mechanisms that can get around surfaces. Our technicians use this piece of equipment for these Certified SERVPRO Clean appointments. 

technician in tyvek cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning

In this photo, a commercial business needed a COVID-19 cleaning. Our trained technician in full Personal Protective Equipment, used our electrostatic sprayer to clean the entirety of the business. This technician completed wipe-downs for extra surface cleaning.

wood behind a purple chair

Why do we need to cut for water damages?

In this photo you will see that the drywall has been cut and removed from this customer's home. The reason we cut is because the wall was too wet to dry out without taking the whole piece of drywall out.

We cut in 1-foot intervals because it is easier to replace a foot of drywall than it is to replace a few inches.

grey walls with boards

Robards Home Water Damaged

This home in Robards, Kentucky had water damage from a pipe burst in the home while the family was away. The water got so high it impacted a lot of the walls. The walls were so heavy with water damage, they needed to be removed along with the padding. 

plywood that is wet

Water Damaged Home

In this photo, you can see that the plywood underneath this home is heavily damaged. If the plywood up the wall is wet, then it most likely means the carpet was wet as well. 

The first step our team will take to handle this water damage is to put an air-mover and dehumidifier in this area. If the wall isn't too damp, they won't have to cut; however, if the padding behind it is wet, they will. 

Every water damage is different. That's why our team is trained professionals knows how to handle each unique case with the utmost respect and knowledge for our customers.

green air mover on grey carpet

Henderson Home with Water Damage

This was the aftermath of a flooded basement. The air movers were placed around the walls of the basement to achieve a more efficient drying time. Our team also placed other air-movers around the room. The homeowners were pleased with how quickly their flooded home was dry again after a lot of water damage. 

green air mover on grey carpet

Basement Floods in Henderson, Kentucky

A basement in a home in Henderson got flood damage after heavy rains. The flooring and the drywall had to be removed.

After the wet drywall was removed, the rest of the walls had air movers directed directly at them to increase drying. Our hero team used proper drying techniques to dry efficiently and effectively.